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B. 2001. From Cadiz, Andalucia. My name is Alberto Millan, and I’m an artist and illustrator, who recently graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design, Illustration. I was born and raised in Spain, and when
I was 15 I moved to the US to study abroad. Soon after I began seriously considering pursuing an art career and decided to move to NY to study illustration at Pratt. I like my projects and artworks to be strongly founded on a narrative, especially the ones that trace back to where I come from including the current and past cultures, history, and whatever aspects that feel close and special to my person. Resulting in multi-layered works that feel personal while keeping a surreal and foreign feeling to them, creating stories within stories. Also, I like to use the
different digital tools and mediums at my disposal to draw and paint my illustrations traditionally.
phone #: +1 347 513 2676

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